More than any previous planning effort, the Strategic Framework emphasizes Notre Dame thinking and acting as one institution in order to make the most meaningful contributions to questions of national and international concern. This approach includes University-wide strategic priorities on arts, climate and sustainability, data and computational science, democracy, ethics, global Catholicism, health and well-being, and poverty. These are coordinated efforts drawing on expertise in multiple schools, colleges, centers, and institutes and launched in phases over the next two years.  Learn more about University activities in these priorities and follow our progress below.

  • Arts Initiative

    The Arts Initiative will build on our collective resources to create compelling new programs that provide intellectually rich arts experiences to the Notre Dame community and well beyond. Together we will nurture a generation of Notre Dame alumni who value the arts as an integral part of the education of the whole person, and who see advocacy and leadership in the arts as a force for good.

  • Data & Computational Science

    A task force on Data and Computational Science will kick off in December 2023 and spend the next 10 months discerning and developing a vision, strategy, and operational plan for data and computational science research and data and digital literacy education at Notre Dame.

  • Democracy Initiative

    The Notre Dame Democracy Initiative will establish Notre Dame as a leader in the study of democracy both in the U.S. and worldwide, as a convenor for conversations about and actions to preserve democracy, and as a model for the formation of civically engaged citizens and public servants.

  • Ethics Initiative

    The Notre Dame Ethics Initiative will establish Notre Dame as a premier global destination for the study of ethics, offering superb training for future generations of ethicists and moral leaders, a platform for engagement of the Catholic moral tradition with other modes of inquiry, and an opportunity to forge insights into some of the most significant ethical issues of our time.

  • Health and Well-Being

    Notre Dame is committed to research and education that improve health and well-being for all humans, with particular attention to those who are marginalized by modern health care systems. The University's Health and Well-Being efforts include a commitment to address the nationwide mental health crisis and a new Bioengineering & Life Sciences Initiative.

  • Poverty Initiative

    The Notre Dame Poverty Initiative will establish Notre Dame as a leading institution for poverty research, preparing students for careers and service in anti-poverty efforts, and turning evidence into action, illuminating proven pathways out of poverty for people around the world.