Planning Process

The University Strategic Framework planning process is designed to define the priorities that will guide Notre Dame for the next decade. The process, shared in more detail below, will continue through the fall of 2023.

Planning Process Phases

  • Pre Spring 2021 Refine Process and Initial Goal Discussions
  • 1 Summer 2021 - Fall 2021 Identify Themes and Update Goals
  • 2 Spring 2022 - Fall 2022 Identify Theme Priorities and Formulate Recommendations
  • 3 Spring 2023 Draft Strategic Framework
  • 4 Fall 2023 Vet and Formally Adopt Framework
  • 5 Fall 2023 Externally Communicate Framework

Phase One—Identify Major Strategic Themes and Update Goals

The development of the University Strategic Framework began with the identification of seven University Themes. These themes emerged from the nearly 107 faculty proposals developed as part of the Moment to See, Courage to Act initiative, as well as through discussions with the deans, members of the President’s Leadership Council, and the Executive Officers. Each theme aligns with Notre Dame’s mission and reflects emerging and enduring questions and challenges facing our communities, our nation, the Church, and the world. These themes also reflect the University’s best thinking about where Notre Dame can offer truly distinctive contributions, leveraging current strengths and identifying new opportunities to amplify impact through interdisciplinary collaboration and investment.

These themes are also closely tied to the University’s goals. After thoughtful reflection and dialogue, the Executive Officers, deans, and other University leaders updated Notre Dame’s current University goals to make graduate education its own separate goal, due to its centrality at a great research university. More information on the University’s goals can be found here.

Phase Two—Identify Theme Priorities and Formulate Recommendations

In spring 2022, seven Theme Advisory Committees were formed, each chaired by distinguished members of the faculty and composed of faculty, staff, and administrative leaders. These advisory committees will:

  • assess the current state of the University’s efforts related to each theme,
  • identify a small number of priority areas where Notre Dame can make distinctive contributions and have a significant impact over the next decade, and
  • develop recommendations regarding the initiatives, resources, and structures needed to advance each theme.

Inviting input from the larger University community as appropriate during their deliberations, the Theme Advisory Committees will submit reports outlining their recommendations. The recommendations of the Theme Advisory Committees will be critical in formulating the next Strategic Framework for the University.

Phase Three—Draft Strategic Framework

Once the Theme Advisory Committees have concluded their work, the task of formulating the University’s next Strategic Framework will begin in spring 2023.   

Phases Four and Five—Vet, Adopt, and Communicate Framework

Once formulated, the draft Strategic Framework will be vetted with key internal and external stakeholders and will then be shared broadly, likely during the fall of 2023.