Notre Dame Poverty Initiative announces new funding opportunity

Author: Leigh Lynes

Man and woman hugging

Every day, poverty stifles hope, opportunity, and dignity for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. And despite well-intentioned policies and programs, little is known about how to break poverty’s vicious generational cycle. The Notre Dame Poverty Initiative exists to establish Notre Dame as a leading institution for poverty research, preparing students for careers and service in anti-poverty efforts, and turning evidence into action.

To advance this goal, the Poverty Initiative is seeking to support high-impact research endeavors related to describing the nature of poverty or understanding its causes and consequences and how best to alleviate it. This funding aims to support Notre Dame faculty by elevating their existing research and/or supporting new areas of inquiry related to poverty. These research grants would provide a “package” of operational infrastructure necessary for the scholar’s research to thrive. Examples of such infrastructure support include:

  • undergraduate research assistants,
  • pre-doctoral fellows,
  • graduate students,
  • project managers,
  • project development specialists to build partner relationships,
  • postdoctoral fellows,
  • data acquisition and management, and
  • other project costs.

Poverty Research Packages are available to any faculty member whose research closely aligns with the mission of the Poverty Initiative. Read more about this funding opportunity, eligibility, and instructions for applying. Proposals are due April 26. Please contact Leigh Lynes with any questions. 

Apply for a Poverty Research Package