Notre Dame International extends global outreach and presence with new name: Notre Dame Global

Author: Tracy DeStazio and Cory Hankins

Graphically designed image showing 8 different rings of images from Notre Dame locations across the globe with central circle that says "Where Notre Dame meets the world and the world meets Notre Dame"

Beginning today (April 15), Notre Dame International will adopt a new name, Notre Dame Global, and will introduce itself on its new portal at The rebrand emphasizes the interconnectedness of the University of Notre Dame’s 12 locations around the world and reflects Notre Dame Global’s vital role in advancing Notre Dame as a leading global Catholic research university, on par with but distinct from the world’s best private universities.

“The update aligns with the University’s strategic framework — which calls for increased global engagement — and underscores Notre Dame Global’s commitment to being the place where Notre Dame meets the world and the world meets Notre Dame,” said Michael Pippenger, vice president and associate provost for internationalization.

“We want everyone to see and know that Notre Dame is acting around the world as one university. To that end, renaming our division Notre Dame Global allows our partners to recognize us as using the same shared language that other global actors on campus are using to describe the reach of their research and scholarship.”

Through the work of its students, faculty, researchers and partners, Notre Dame Global will continue to provide integrative learning experiences that develop global competencies and cultural understanding, collaborative and influential global research that improves lives, thoughtful partnerships that produce transformative engagement, and an inclusive and supportive team of global professionals.

“Catholicism is the world’s most global, multicultural and multilingual institution, and Notre Dame must better embody that reality in the coming decade,” said John T. McGreevy, the Charles and Jill Fischer Provost and Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History. “Becoming a more global university is as important for the next generation at Notre Dame as the effort to develop research was in the last, and Notre Dame Global is a crucial strategic partner in that effort.”

Established as Notre Dame International in 2010, Notre Dame Global has broadened the University’s influence to span five continents and partnered with Notre Dame Research to facilitate externally funded research projects in more than 95 countries.

Notre Dame Global’s network now includes 12 active sites around the world. Formerly known as global gateways and centers, the newly renamed global locations include:

  • Notre Dame London
  • Notre Dame Rome
  • One entity in Africa: Notre Dame Nairobi
  • Three in Asia: Notre Dame Beijing, Notre Dame Hong Kong and Notre Dame Mumbai
  • Two in Ireland: Notre Dame Dublin and Notre Dame Kylemore
  • Three entities in Latin America: Notre Dame Mexico, Notre Dame Santiago and Notre Dame São Paulo
  • One in the Middle East: Notre Dame Jerusalem, which will still share facilities and services of the University of Notre Dame at Tantur with the Tantur Ecumenical Institute

In addition to operating these locations around the world, Notre Dame Global serves an international student population that has grown significantly and now includes more than 37,000 international students who have studied on the South Bend campus since the first international student arrived in 1850.

Over the past decade, the international population at Notre Dame has increased by roughly 34 percent, with the most significant growth coming from Latin America for undergraduates (a 58 percent increase) and from Africa (73 percent) and Central/South Asia (52 percent) for graduate/professional students.

The International Student and Scholar Affairs team within Notre Dame Global has been instrumental in supporting the steadily growing number of students and scholars, and in navigating an increasingly complicated immigration landscape by providing expert advice and student-friendly resources.

Notre Dame Global has also long been a leader in helping Notre Dame students experience the world through 60 semester and academic-year and 20 summer study abroad programs spanning 30 countries. This past November, Notre Dame was designated second in the nation for study abroad participation among doctorate-granting universities, according to the latest Institute of International Education’s Open Doors report. During the 2021-22 school year, 77 percent of undergraduate students participated in study abroad programs — a recognition that highlights the University’s commitment to global education.

“Notre Dame Global strives to be a steward of the University’s enduring commitment to global scholarship,” Pippenger said. “We want to ensure that Notre Dame’s mission and vision extend to every corner of the world. In doing so, we come into solidarity with others, joining forces with partners to learn from one another and then work together to serve the common good.”

To learn more about Notre Dame Global and its commitment to global scholarship, visit or view the new Notre Dame Global video.

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Originally published by Tracy DeStazio and Cory Hankins at on April 15, 2024.